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How to Install & Join Rift Redm

1. First, you will need to download RedM.

Be sure you have the Rockstar launcher and the Steam client open when starting RedM. (It doesn't matter where you bought the game, you will still need Steam to run RedM).

2. You will need to join The Rift Discord Server.

3. Open the launcher you purchased RDR2 or RDO on (Steam, Epic, Rockstar) and leave it open in the background. You do not need to start the game.

4. Join The Rift Discord Community to get whitelisted.

5. Once Redm is downloaded, Redm.exe icon will appear in the download folder. Double click on it to start the installation process.

6. Select the folder where your RDR2 game is is downloaded (this is different for each launcher). RedM will begin verifying and checking for updates.

7. RedM will start to download. Be aware that the download will take some time and may potentially take up to a few hours - during this time do not stop or close the program.

8. When the download has finished, open the launcher where Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead Online was purchased, as well as Steam, and Rockstar Launcher. Be sure to have Discord open in the background. If you have not done so, join The Rift Community Server - without this you will not be able to play.

9. Open Redm via shortcut.

10. Once the cfx RedM platform is open, click play. Search for The Rift Redm. The IP can be found in the Discord.

11. Connect. You need to have discord open in order to connect to our server. If you've downloaded/installed everything properly, you can now create your character.

For more help on how to install...

Please see the "#Redm-install-guide" channel in discord as well as #Redm-support channel.

RedM is NOT compatible with Windows 7 (or any other outdated OS). Only Windows 10 and 11.

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