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The Rift RedM

A Sandbox for Red Dead Online, equestrians, community events, & more!

The Rift Redm is a community server created with the intent of letting our members craft their own gameplay experiences. Instead of having roleplay be our main focus, we have created a sandbox to allow everyone to play the way they desire. This sandbox allows our members to play, build, own, and create without the limitations of Red Dead Online. Use your imagination! We don’t limit you and your creativity.

While being a sandbox is a first and foremost priority for us, we do embrace the roleplay aspect that some of our community members desire. We do host RP weekends for those looking for a more relaxed RP experience, and of course allow our members to RP in their own time. 

Come and discover the fun and magic of creating your own gameplay experiences! Take a trail ride, run barrels in a rodeo, run around as a wild animal, or just enjoy the sunset with your lovely dog companion. The way you play is up to you!


RedM is a community-made framework tool that gives you the ability to create a custom RDO multiplayer server where you have control over settings you’d normally never have access to. This includes access to a lot of unseen game models and cosmetics, as well as every horse in the game - including  the story-mode gang horses!

RedM is completely safe to use! The RedM client is entirely standalone and does not use or interact with the Red Dead Online servers and data.

About The Rift Community

We are a chill vibes community and host a number of diverse events in The Rift Redm. From trail rides to rodeos and everything in between - the creative freedom that RedM allows our community explore has resulted in some fun and refreshing events for everyone to enjoy. Our Roleplay Weekends also provide a more relaxed environment for those looking to have a more laid-back RP experience.

The Rift Redm offers many unique experiences not found in the Read Dead Online such as horse racing and rodeo events, ranching, horse training, companions and pets, owning property, and so much more!

The Rift Redm is getting CONSTANT updates by the development team, creating new content for people to enjoy as well as fixing the occasional bug. If this sounds like something you would like to help with, we are always looking for people to join our team!

In order to play on The Rift Redm server you need to own Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead Online standalone on PC, as well as join our Discord server. We look forward to seeing you in The Rift RedM!

What is RedM?

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