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Meet The Team


Chelsea Liz

Howdy! I'm Chelsea (She/her) creator of The Rift and passionate gamer who wants to make the internet a better place. I stream on Twitch and play a variety of games, with a special focus on the horses in games and games about horses! 

I'm also an equestrian irl & a published equine photographer.

I have 2 horses , Kosta, the Arabian and Sully, the Appaloosa. 3 cats, Remi, Pixel, & Wolfy. & 3 dogs, Ghost, Pepper, & Stitch.





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I have been playing games for many years, but was always scared to play online. The Rift is my first online gaming community and this is the best online gaming experience I could get. Aside from RDO, I'm a big fan of Assassin's Creed series. When I am not playing, I am probably editing trail videos for our tiktok or doing calligraphy. I am a crazy bunny & plant lady with 2 bunnies and more plants than square meters.



I grew up riding horses and competing in hunter/jumper competitions but have taken a break to focus on my studies but still ride whenever I get the chance. I have always loved gaming, especially when horses or other animals are involved! Currently I’m living in Austin, Texas with Chelsea and taking steps towards a career in video game design/animation.



I’m a cat lover and cow whisperer! I grew up on a small dairy farm and these days I also work on a larger dairy farm that has robotic milkers among other automations. Ask me anything about cows and I’ll talk your ears off about them! Same thing goes for my cats. I found the Rift after watching some random youtube video and looking up “RDR2 PC trail rides” and a Facebook post for the Rift popped up. Ever since then, I fell in love with the kindness of this community. I am happy to be a part of it! 



The Rift is the first gaming community I have ever really felt part of! I was lucky enough to join right at the start and have made some wonderful forever-friends and met so many truly lovely people in this one-of-a-kind community!  These days I focus mainly on The Rift RedM Sandbox server, having played the hell out of RDO since its release on PC lol. RedM has opened up the creative possibilities in ways I never imagined! It is fast becoming an Equestrians dream! IRL I keep and breed Mini Shetland Ponies  I'm a hobby artist and am owned by a super smart Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and a Massive fluffy blue German Shepherd 

Community Managers



Community Manager & Head Trail Guide

Hello! I am Aiden, I am from Sweden. My big passions are art, games and animals, in the Rift I can easily combine all three of these passions of mine, I even sometimes draw in game horses to take all three in one! I live to give positivity, cheering people up and always trying my best to be the friendliest and most welcoming I can be, it is something that is very important to me. I will always do my very best to give everyone a good and chill experience in the Rift! It is only fair, as I have never felt so at home in a community before, and I will forever be truly honored to be part of it.



Community Manager

I’m Swift! I’m more than a little over caffeinated at any given time, I ride horses in real life, and sometimes dress up my horse and myself as a Rohirrim soldier. I’m a huge Californio Vaquero training and Tolkien lore nerd, and along with Red Dead, I also primarily play Dragon Age and Witcher. I also collect Breyer, Stone, and resin model horses!



Community Manager 

coming soon :)



Community Manager 

Hi! I'm an artist/animator who lives in the UK, and came across The Rift in late 2021. I was caught by surprise at how glued to this community I'd become; the lovely friendly atmosphere and fun events caught me so fast, and I'm so happy to now be able to help out! I don't ride horses unfortunately, but I own 4 rats, a giant snail, and 60+ houseplants (all of which I can't ride :( sad). I'm super passionate about animation, birds, cats, and spaghetti

The RedM Team



Lead Developer

I'm a 44 year old gamer and professional brewer. I live in a log cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona with my pug, Barley. I build Discord bots. I may or may not be a bot myself.

The Trail Team


Where would we be if not for our wonderful guides, scouts. and photographers? Not on the trail, that's for sure. A huge thank you to the following riders for stepping up to help the community!

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