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Server Owner & A Little Bit Of Everything

I'm an Equine Photographer IRL. So when I'm not taking photos of horses or riding my own....I'm riding them in a video game. <3
I have 2 horses Kosta the Arabian and Sully the Appaloosa. I also really really love cats!

When I'm not doing that I am creating content about photography, gaming, & horses. 

& Kosta

My horse - our mascot! Who has his own emotes and everything!

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Production Assistant

I grew up riding horses and competing in hunter/jumper competitions but have taken a break to focus on my studies but still ride whenever I get the chance. I have always loved gaming, especially when horses or other animals are involved! Currently I’m still taking classes but taking steps towards a career in video game design/animation.

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  • The Rift TikTok

Management, HR, & Social Media

I have been playing games for many years, but was always scared to play online. The Rift is my first online gaming community and this is the best online gaming experience I could get. Aside from RDO, I'm a big fan of Assassin's Creed series. When I am not playing, I am probably editing trail videos for our tiktok or doing calligraphy. I am a crazy bunny & plant lady with 2 bunnies and more plants than square meters.



Management & Bots

I’m a cat lover and cow whisperer! I grew up on a small dairy farm and these days I also work on a larger dairy farm that has robotic milkers among other automations. Ask me anything about cows and I’ll talk your ears off about them! Same thing goes for my cats. I found the Rift after watching some random youtube video and looking up “RDR2 PC trail rides” and a Facebook post for the Rift popped up. Ever since then, I fell in love with the kindness of this community. I am happy to be a part of it! 



Management & Marketing

Hello! I have been involved in the management of gaming communities and social media for several years - starting in collegiate esports, and now relaxing here in The Rift! I have been gaming and riding horses since I was very young, so The Rift seemed like the perfect place for me when I joined.

I am proud to be able to contribute to such a lovely community, and love being able to interact with fellow horse lovers and video game enthusiasts.

Happy trails!

Community Managers



Community Manger

I'm a code nerd with a habit of making pointless and goofy stuff for my own entertainment (one of which you may hear time to time), as well as doing photography during my free time, both in game and real life.. I ended up in the Rift after looking for a group of people who enjoyed playing the game much more casually, and was happy to find all I could really want from a community like this.



Community Manager

I’m Swift! I’m more than a little over caffeinated at any given time, I ride horses in real life, and sometimes dress up my horse and myself as a Rohirrim soldier. I’m a huge Californio Vaquero training and Tolkien lore nerd, and along with Red Dead, I also primarily play Dragon Age and Witcher. I also collect Breyer, Stone, and resin model horses!



Community Manager

Hello friends! My name is Grace, and I’m from Canada! I discovered The Rift in the summer of 2021, and have been in love with the community ever since! A little while after I joined the server, I became a trail scout and since then I have been obsessed with the trails! I do a lot of work with children that have special needs, and I recently got accepted to a university so I can begin my education degree! Hope to see you on the trails soon (:



Community Manager 

Hi! I'm an artist/animator who lives in the UK, and came across The Rift in late 2021. I was caught by surprise at how glued to this community I'd become; the lovely friendly atmosphere and fun events caught me so fast, and I'm so happy to now be able to help out! I don't ride horses unfortunately, but I own 4 rats, a giant snail, and 60+ houseplants (all of which I can't ride :( sad). I'm super passionate about animation, birds, cats, and spaghetti



Community Manager 

Hello! I am Aiden, I am from Sweden. My big passions are art, games and animals, in the Rift I can easily combine all three of these passions of mine, I even sometimes draw in game horses to take all three in one! I live to give positivity, cheering people up and always trying my best to be the friendliest and most welcoming I can be, it is something that is very important to me. I will always do my very best to give everyone a good and chill experience in the Rift! It is only fair, as I have never felt so at home in a community before, and I will forever be truly honored to be part of it.



Community Manager

Hi! I'm Delilah, I joined the rift around the beginning of 2021. from the start I knew it was an amazing community and I'm so grateful I get to help out in The Rift.


A little bit about me, I grew up riding horses and have done pretty much every discipline. I've owned 5 horses throughout my years riding, but at the moment I don't have any. Aside from horses, I have also done a lot of dog training! I currently have a 2yr old german shepherd that I've trained completely off leash, previously I owned a husky but sadly lost him. I've always had a passion with dogs and horses, I used to work at a doggy daycare/ training/ boarding facility. It was an amazing job with lots of lovely dogs but could be stressful at times, although I loved being able to bring my pups to work with me! I'm currently a nurse under a cardiologist and electrophysiologist, we travel to 3 different hospitals seeing patients, cardiac testing, procedures, etc. Outside of work I play plenty of games, my main two being dead by daylight and RDO. I also enjoy hiking with my dog, photography, motocross, or riding my motorcycles (when the weather allows).


Enjoy the rift!

Head Trail Guides



Head Trail Guide

Hiya! I'm DeafCochlear, but everyone calls me Deaf, so feel free to use that nickname! I fell in love with the chill vibes in the Rift...figured out how nice it's to host/create trails in RDR2 with the wonderful people of the Rift, and never looked back. I have an interest in a lot of things, included animals, nature. sports, gaming, culture & arts. Always looking forward to meet chill vibes people & hosting peaceful and pixelviolent trails. For anything regarding the Trail Team, you can always DM me! Have a nice timezone!



Head Trail Guide

Hey there! I am Lou and the Head Trail Guide of this server. I am from Germany and love Video Games (especially Open world/survival games and the ones where you can pat at least one dog) , Animals, Reading and Anime. I am always happy to meet new people host all kind of trails. The Off Roading Trails and the chaos they bring with them are my specialty! So don't hesitate to join the server and come along, I am exited to see you there.

The Trail Team

Where would we be if not for our wonderful guides, scouts. and photographers? Not on the trail, that's for sure. A huge thank you to the following riders for stepping up to help the community!









































The RedM Team



Lead Developer

I'm a 44 year old gamer and professional brewer. I live in a log cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona with my pug, Barley. I build Discord bots. I may or may not be a bot myself.