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We celebrate the horsey parts of Red Dead!

This server is our way of turning RDR2 into a horse game!

This means we can turn into horses, own any horse in the game, decorate your horses and yourself HOWEVER you want!

Best of all we are going to be creating jumping courses, races, western events, herding competitions, lots of horse shows, and MORE!

We can become horse trainers, run our own ranch, own houses. We use it as a sandbox server, not a roleplay server. Where we can host our trail rides & events in a safe place off of RDO (No griefing! Access to all outfits, accessories, saddles, masks!). We can really create some amazing things with and inside this server!

We were mainly an RDR2/RDO PC server. HOWEVER - to become more inclusive we have decided to open our doors to everyone who plays on PC. 

To access the server you must have RDO on PC & you must be an active community member of The Rift.

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Custom Jumping Courses

Show Jumping, Cross Country courses and timed races with checkpoints are just some of the COOLEST features have on our server!

The Rift RedM




You can have your own pets that follow you around in game! Husky, Collie, Aussies, Poodles, and more! You can even have a pet cat!  They even can do your hearding!

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Ranch & Horse Trainer Roles

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Unlimited Customization

You can actually BE an animal in the RiftRedm!

You also have access to a TON of clothes, saddle pads, saddles, stirrups, masks for human and horse, and it goes on and on! You can mix and match to your hearts desire! 

You can even ride your horse bareback!!

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